Valanor is an epic fantasy world in tribute to great works such as Tolkien's Middle Earth, Wizard's of the Coast's Dungeons and Dragon's, Blizzard's Warcraft and other enormous fantasy worlds. Unlike those worlds however this one is completely built from the ground up by members just like you.

While embarking on the eternal journey of Valanor both in roleplay and through writing the history you are able to do and experience many things. Before we get into the basic story and overview of the world we will discuss the many options you have as a member of this site.

Creating Races

One of the very essential parts of this site is the race creation. All races will be primarily described by their sub-races and will not include a page for themselves. Once each race has many sub-races their will be a description of that race as a whole to better organize the overall history between them. As of this point the births of nations and rise of races are still required and due to this they will have no description until you, the members, began to create them.

Overall this will makes it much easier to freely express your perceptions on the race without a limited restriction of race type like most fantasy's have. This is an option mainly because one of the ultimate goals of this room is to showcase the wide stream of imagination that everyone has and create a epic world of all types of imaginations.

While developing a sub-race you do not have to follow the same old cliche's you see everywhere. As an example the common understanding of a Minotaur is a bull's face with a humanoid upper body and almost goat like legs. This can easily be reformed to be just a bull's face and full human body, or something more like a Centaur with a bull body either attached to a human torso and head or just with a humanoid head. This particular example will probably not exist, but it is just to show the possible expansion of ideas and collaboration of alternate ideas which you are more then free to utilize.

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