This is the place to label all the created abilities within this world, for references in creating ability check out Chapter VI of the world building guide

Individualized Abilities

This are the spells and abilities created by individual characters or cultures. They may or may not be allowed to be used. If you do not want someone learning that ability with out the guidance of your character or culture specify this on this and the individual ability page. It would be a good idea when creating individual abilities label then in unique ways, for most abilities can be used by anyone, but not necessarily in the same manner or technique. However as long as the ability does not incorporate your name given it is open for anyone to use, since the types of abilities are rather common knowledge.

Universal Abilities

These are the abilities just for reference in most causes, and will often consist of common labels given to these abilites, such as fireball, iceblast, thunderbolt, chain lightning, etc.

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