Age Overview

First Age

-Dragons and Angels are formed.
-Angels are corrupted by the temptation of greater power.
-This results in a darker form of angel who cause chaos and destruction through out the world.
-A third group of angels forms ones with elven bodies and great white wings.
-Darker angels corrupt these new angels and distort them into demons.
-Elves form in the gardens of Arico yet are not awakened.
-The youngest angels teach and guide the Elves, whom are lead by four of the wisest of elves.
-They form the Woodelves, Highelves and the Desert Elves.
-A rebellious Desert Elf removes the Elder from control and soon distorts his nation into what is now known as the Dark Elves.
-The Dark angels corrupt the elves and create the breed of orcs whom soon ravage the lands under the guidance of the Demon-kin.
-Vampyric hybrids arise of the elves whom consider themselve Vargarin(Vampyre). They walk only in the darkness of night and consume the blood of all senteint live.
-The dwarven-kindred are awoken in the depths of the mountain halls nearly the same time as the goblins. They are sheltered from the rest of the grouwing nations and enter an eternal war with one another.
-Other creatures start to form, excluding humans (can be found in the species section.
-The first angels leave the middle contient and flee to the western lands to hide from the perpetial chaos of the war. And were then subject of legend and myth.
- A great war between the Youngest Angels and Demons takes place. The Angels became the victory and banished the demon's to the underground caverns of the world, forging many dwarves up to the surface of which the Wood Dwarves and Desert Dwarvens have the most renown.
- At which point the humans awoke on the surface and started their kingdoms.
- During the early years of their movement onto the surface, they surrounded a great amount of the world.

There ends the First age in which the Second age became shortly after the men started to record time.

Second Age

"This is where everyones story begins and the labelling, development and beliefs of the nations are right to the creator of said village. If you have the interest to create cultures view the species list and pick one you like and then create it to your hearts content. "

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