Hereafter are the tales of which gave rise to man's power through out Valanor. Legends of myth and ancient days are yet in high speculation and many scholar's distrust such information as pure fact. However what is known will be spoken here and may you come to your own conclusion of these events.

The shadows of Balor reigned supreme across the world in the days of the Demon Lord's second coming, when men were merely in their wild states of mind, what the Ancients call the Elder Slumber.

This is said to be the early state of all learnt species in the days when they resembled animals above what they represent now. When creatures come out of this mind state and start to question the world around them it is known as an Awakening.

And here is where these stories start in the rising of man into their early awakening. There once came a man who was known as Aragin which met a young elf in his early days, the first one a man has ever seen. It is said the Elf was Hudalif, which is roughly translated in elder Aldarin tongue as Great Teacher or Great Force.

Aldarin is the Nation which came many years after Aragin's death which was led by his distant grandson, in the year 1560 in elvish time and is known as the year 240 of man's days. It is also estimated as 240 years after Aragin's death.

Now let us return to the legends of our eldest and most respected king of man. After the meeting with Hudalif, the young, soon to be human chief returned to his village with the words of wisdom given by the seemingly wise young elf, whom was nearly forty years the boy's elder. Many of his kinsfolk, mostly of the elder ones, couldn't comprehend the words of this practicing shaman, yet the youth of his village understood well enough to follow him into the woods, where they laid the foundations for Aldarin.

As chief Aragin spoke the laws of contact, laws of freedom and rejoicing in knowledge and wisdom, and for a time the people of his village took well to the rules. Only the odd youth would be slightly rebellious for once their people learnt to label and understand things they began to question things thoroughly.

It then came to pass when Aldarin took himself a spouse, which was the daughter of one of his wisest elders, Utalac. Her name was Jelina, WhisperingWind. Within years she bore him six children, each one more curious and like their father then the last.

In order the children were as follows, Helara the female who rose to be the first priestess, her name was Moon in their tongue and her title Nuvara Helara, "Shamaness" of the moon. The eldest of the male children was Hudalif, after the elven keeper who showed the cheif to see. He rose to be a stone-crafter and food keeper, developing the seeds for modern farming of the land. Then came the second eldest boy, Adazhal, Wolf Child, was his name for when he was born his mother had dropped him off a small cliff, by the luck of the gods he lived after being rescued and cared for by a pack of wolves. After endless searching for his child's body Aldarin came across the pack and instantly knew his recognized his son amongst them. After recovering him the boy began to keep wolves as pets and some say he could speak to them. He was also later called Wolf Master in his elder years and in many myths that came after.

After him came the lesser known children, their second daughter Alahara, whom was given to a neighbouring village in her teen-years, all that is known is she was very stubborn and thick headed, she was the chiefs spouse in the neighboring nation but records were lost very early in it's history, after the Destruction of the Birth Lands.

Fifth amongst the children and most caring of the crew was Nevazhal "Peacekeeper", whom was named as such after her sixteenth birth day when three neighboring societies of man took arms against the Aldarin. With her wisdom, gained not only by her Father and Mother but also by the Elder elf who recently returned to them she spoke to her neighbors and brought love and peace back into their hearts after they were robbed spiritually by one of her own people, of which we will discuss later on as we uncover the History of Man and the Rise of Aldarin.

Then came the last and the one of whom no one speaks, he who they call Death Reaper, Goroc'Tal. This name was given to him early in his youth when he rose up against his brother, Hudalif out of fear and jealously as he gained much more attention from his father and mother then the youngest child. He struck him down pouring innocent blood across the world sending a shockwave of horror thorough man's years. This amongst all else is why man is doomed to destruction and revenge. Once Goroc'tal slew his brother the cascade of cause and effect, which led not only to the fall of Aldarin but the fall of many of man's nations, echoed on through many millennium up to this point in age.

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