Family Tree

Born; 5600 p.f.a
Died; 2156 s.a (aged 11,206 years)

Ashar (e.'Keeper of Time' c.'Lord of Time') is the primary father of the elven people. He was accompanied by his spouse and four other elven sages, with their spouses, and began the nation of Ungar. He inspired the writing of the Ul'char "Book of Birth" and the Zulik'ghem"Echoes of the Dead". He was a very well tempted and passionate individual often known as Everal incarnate, or who Elves would literally call Ashar, after his ascension into Everal, The Elder Spirit of Time.

Ashar had four children, three males and one female. Mostly notably, and trageically, is the death of his eldest son Abel'dan by the jealously of his brother Cul'ban. The youngest son was the Keeper of the Sea, Asharic, who grew to be the founder of the Zelaven 'sea folk'. His wife was known as Evenil, the Lady of Life, was the eldest of the elven folk living far into this age, she is still seen wandering the woods of neianor late at night her light giving a powerful glow to the worlds below.

Legends of Myth and Folklore

The Story leads us down the early life of ashar in the forest of Ech'ahal (Gardens of Balance) where he was calmly meditating being newly awoken to the fact that "He is". This quickly lead to the revealing of Everal to him. The time-god spoke to the wizard of the mind, Ashar, and gave to him the process of time and the reason of his being. The words of his truth enlightened a great many of his tribe, five families, intotal including his own. They began to build constructing to house themselves and protect them from the wilds. As their families grew and birth children this nation grew.

It was known as Ungar, "Birth Lands" of the Elvhani. An ancient folk of great wisdom and power. It is known widely amongst the elven-folk that The birth lands were visited by a great many creatures some of whom's origins can not be determined, it is said great kingdoms from the sky came to earth and a wise people shared much with them before the fall of the First in the years proceeding the second age.

Amongst the families four; Ashar, Zephar, Ul'zhan, El'gran. Amongst them came a widelist of elves.

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