Battle Of The Sacred Hills


it was night and the war drums sounded like thunder as the people gathered in the center of chin-chiktsa, jagur-sep's capitol as the time for 1000 year reign of conquest wild begin soon as the priests danced around the big fire in the city's square wile the other priests prepared every thing for the emperor and high priest to arrive as the warriors ready them selfs with paint, armor and food wile readying for there 1000 year purge of the land.


Deep in the chambers of the great kingdom of Veles nue, a multicultural metropolis, housing thousands of individuals, a young wizard of sorts stepped towards his king with news from the north. " Sir the gnomish councils sense great destruction of their people, shall we send aid?" The young wizard bowed in respect, he was dressed in a white robe with golden designs on the sash draping down his chest in a v shape, wrapped around his neck like a cape.

His king stood a few feet away where his mind was else where, it seemed a the legions of anon are marching on his very doorstep, yet he has no clue when they will arrive. He was dressed in a pure white robe as well with no marking on it however, merely downed with a hood, which lay loosely on his back. "Send them immediately.." He turned to the window to see his villagers move about the town as the wizard left en route to his lords armies.


the high priest followed by two priests and the king him self followed by the royal guard dressed in human and animal bones with the head peace of that of a vulture as a crest followed behind as they sat there silent as the king lifted his arms "people of the the invisible raptor! this is our day, our year, our millennium, we are gathered here to force all existence into our control and satisfy the thirst of our gods!" he said as the people roared "our thousand year of purge of this nds shall begin and all heathens shall be sacrificed to the vulture god, we are the chosen of the gods!!!" he said as the crowd cheered wile the billions of warriors sat there hearing there leaders speech as they set for there conquest tomorrow


As the wizard stepped through the halls entering the great training chamber he looked upon thousands of well equipped soldiers. Dressed in the finest gold chest plate , leg and shoulder guards white light gray tunics underneath. They all wore a dark gray cape on their back and helmets lay scattered near the walls of the room. Each one was paired up as they continuously went through their daily combat exercises.

They move in perfect unison with the other, their blades and sheilds deflect their opponents attacks with ease. They were well trained, fierce wars who destiny was set for the purpose to allow others to life, those who cannot defend theirself. The wizard stepped by a soldier as his blade barely missed his head, he didn't flinch however, he just walked one by, giving a quick glance to the solider as he passed. He had a destination he could not be interrupted by his own ego.

Moments later he stood infront of the General of Lord Enril Tanzi's Army, lord Hov'an Lowa, and began to speak in a rush. "Lord, the armies of the Miquiztlicuauhtli march against the the Ularian, the lord as requested to send aid to them, dispatch a troop immediately." The wizard left as the general took a sigh. "Another war? When will this madness end."

He paused as he turned to his troops. "Saddle up boys, were going out for a little bit of fun. " He spoke in a rush as he instantly stepped into his quarters to get properly dressed for such an occasion. Putting his great golden armor and gunatlets on, his golden, elven boots of haste on his feet, and sheathing his precious Sword of Firestorms, built by the elemental Firestorms of the far southern lands of elisnal.

The troops gathered their comrades as the Legions known as Glory Blades rushed out of the kingdom gates, horses calm and steady, ready to burst through the forests towards the north. They all commonly awaited their lords command.

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