Caretaker's Book of Lore


I- Legends of the Dragon's Crest
II- Demon Hunter
III- Elven Quest
IV- The Wanderer
V- Dishonorable Capture
VI- Legend of the Four
VII- A Travellers Tale- The Legends of a Peasant King of our Home
VIII- The First Age- Reign of Throc
VIV- Unknown 2
X- Tales of Fantasy- Legacy of the Light Knights
XI- War of the Races
XII- Tales of Kurdin
XIII- Wizard's Quest
XIV Fifth Age- The Coversion of a Demon
XV- Tales of Fantasy- Search in Truth
XVI- Magi Wars
XVII- Lost Legends
XVIII- Final Battle- Aurdan's Tale
XVIV- Battle of Allies
XX- Endless Battle- Quest for Light
XXI- Endless Battle- Search for Peace
XXII- Quest of the Jewels
XXIII- Lore of Zuctrull
XXIV- The Alliance
XXV- War of the Night- Creatures of the Darkness
XXVI- Darksorrow Series
XXVII- The Dark One
XXVIII- Pendant of Immortality

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