Abraham Arlington

Name: Abraham Norman Arlington (Goes by Abe)

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Physical Description: He is 6'8,185 pounds. Black hair and a long black beard with graying. He has blue eyes. He has a scar going through his right eye down to the middle of his cheek,and the scar starts right above the eyebrow,almost to the middle of his forehead.

Mental Attributes: He is very smart,perceptive,scientific,intellectual,and kind. He has been known to have a very flirty,loving,and seductive side to him as well.

Spells and Abilities: He has a very keen sense of sight and hearing.

Weapons: He has a black handled sword with the word "ARLINGTON" engraved into the long blade. He his holster is black leather.

Attire: Black baggy pants,black boots with iron on the toes,the iron is somewhat rusted. He wears a black tee shirt,with a brown flannel shirt he wears over top of it that he has unbuttoned.

History: He was born to Sain and Maria Syxx. He grew up a very smart kind,always being the type to strive for knowledge though he has been known to be very good in a battle,he has always been the strong,smart,silent type to those around him.

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