Aelis Amatosa

Aelis Arekoshi Aisamu Amatosa is the 232'd representative of the Light Faeries who reside on the mainland. She is a bright cheerful young girl, who despite her looks, holds an infinite amount of wisdom. She is famous for making a special economic treaty with the pixies, allowing the light faeries to obtain some much needed technology.


Born in the mountain village of Saigeskoriaeriontowa, Aelis Amatosa was always interested in the politics of the world. Growing up with a father who is associated with one of the higher ranking politicians in the federation, Aelis was blessed by being close to an infinite source of books and wisdom. Everyday, she would be cooped up in the grand library to read and understand the different economies and forms of treatise and pacts. She also studied about magic and the different forms of weapons, plants, animals, geography, geometry, and astronomy.

Her first taste of politics happened when she was the age of 23, the Light Faerie equivalent of seven years. A group of bandits had raided the village , and Aelis performed a great show of diplomacy that forced the bandits out and were ambushed by Light Faerie forces. News of this reached the higher ups in the federation, and seeing the potential, invited her to study in Riblast for a few years.

As the years passed and her knowledge grew, it wasnt long before she was elected "Representativa Endaros De Erican Hari". Her electory speech was inspiring and left a quote that would be used by generations of Light Faeries to come: "Da ribe era Fae usticio gakaruskonio!", "We are the guards of the Faerie race!"

Personality and Traits

Aelis has a tendency to be shy with people on a more personal, intimate level. However, in the world of politics and buisness she has a master command of every race's language (with the exception of the Merfolk language). She is also a naive child, taking into account her young age. When she makes decisions, she orders them in a light or lazy tone, bit her subordinates understand the wisdom of the words and follow it till the end.

She has a tendency to be weak against food and usually travels the world just for the cuisine. She is sweet most of the time, generous, hardworking, caring, and responsible as needed be to be a representative. however, on her off times, she reverts to her childish state and has fun with the children of her home village.

Weapons and Armor

Aelis has a mastery of every magic spell know to the world, but rarely uses them. She has a custom Cherikan available only for her.

Physical Appearance


Relationship and Status

She is awaiting a political marriage, one she views with great reluctance and hesitationn .


Lives in Saigeskoriaeriontowa, works in Gare-Eriko, the Capital of the Light Faerie mainland territory.

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