Alathier Silthion

Name: Alathier Silthion
Age: 28 (life expectancy is only 4,988)
Gender: Male
Race: Luperian (permanently in his wolf form)
Physical Description: He is of a lean build, having a muscular build from quite a lot of physical torture
Eye Color: Snow white
Hair color: Snow white
Skin: Snow white velvet soft fur
Sexual Orientation: Formerly straight, but years of abusive slavery with both women and men turned him bisexual
Relationship status: Single
Mental Attributes:
-Former: He is a very submissive and innocent person despite his age, hardly ever speaks up for himself, and is almost always forced into the slave mindset
-Present: He is beginning to become a very strong-willed person and has genius level intelligence
Spells and Abilities: He has a potential for magic and high mental potential if he ever gets out of slavery
Weapons: None, but has a natural skill for ranged arrows and longswords
-Formerly: He wears very tight pants made from a very uncomfortable material and designed to put emphasis on his area, he also wears a leather collar around his neck that is locked on with a small padlock on the back with special engravings to prevent magic from affecting it.
-Present: Wears a t-shirt and shorts most of the time
History: Alathier was born different from his friends and family and was a highly weak-minded person despite his high intellect and was also born with pure snow white hair, eyes, nails, and a pair of white wolf's ears coming from his head along with a bush white wolf's tail and gave in a lot and hardly ever standing up for himself. His tribe was raided by dark elves and he and his younger sister were kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery, his sister getting the short end of the stick and being sold to a group of brutal orcs and Alathier being sold to a rather cruel group of people who ran a brothel in the city of Gare-Eriko. He was quickly broken and forced to do humiliating things as a male prostitute, and he stayed that way since the age of ten. He was subjected to be the subject of many cruel women's sexual frustration, forced into painful and humiliating scenarios and situations. He never once tried to fight back or escape, too afraid of what would happen to him for leaving. He was once even beaten to the brink of death just for asking for more food and never since spoke a single word unless told.

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