Arariranderantoranyerankabarananan Amantanan

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Arariranderantoranyerankabarananan Aehanatantarintantanapatan Amantanan is an adventurer hailing from Nitbanada City, Sekarusantchi. A girl who ventured out of her parent's house to explore the world and learn new things.


She was born in Nitbanda, A city that retained the original oasis feel of the place. A paradise considered by many pixies. The city boasts, a wide array of foods brought all over from different nations, and prides itself as being the most culturally rich of Sekarusantchi. having a number of plays, operas, poems, artists, musicians, and entertainers. Comedy is a popular past time Nitbanda and Arariranderantoranyerankabarananan always wanted to be one. So she set off to learn different arts and hope to come back popular.


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