Argrim Thorbaim

Name: Argrim Thorbaim
Age: 45
Race: Dwarf
Eye color: Emerald green
Hair color: Light brown
Height: 5'
Weight: 118 lbs
Physical build: He is very big for a dwarf, being twice the size of a normal dwarf. However, he has very little body fat and most of his body is composed of strong muscle, but he does however appear to be a large, fat, dwarf with all of his armor on, but he is very strong for a dwarf. (kind of like the kingpin's physical build in the sense that he looks like an enormous fat guy for a dwarf but it is almost all muscle.. literally.)
Occupation: Dwarven Soldier/Warrior and representative at times, but aspires to become a high ranking general in the dwarven army. He also on the side will work as a training sergeant when the dwarven army is in peacetime.
Relatives: Balin Thorbaim (dead father), Norvina Thorbaim (Mother), Thain Thorbaim (Little brother, whereabouts currently unkown)
Relationship: Straight
Sexual Orientation: Straight


Argrim was born to a high general in the dwarven army and a representative for the dwarven race and even when he was a child, he wanted to be a soldier ever since he was a child. At the age of eighteen, they found out he had a special condition where he would become massive for a dwarf, but his physical build would be almost composed of entirely muscle. Following his childhood dreams, he joined the dwarven army at the age of nineteen. He became an excellent soldier and later a squad leader, often receiving missions from his high general father. When he finally got to see the man in combat, he was amazed at his father's skill, but soon lost the man who had had a hand in his birth when he covered a bomb with his body. However he did not feel like it was his fault, and he remembered the man as a hero who had not only saved his life, but the lives of his fellow soldiers that day and Argrim himself built a memorial for Balin Thorbaim and went on with his life as a soldier, not regretting his choices at all that he had made that day.

Personality and Traits

Argrim is a very brave, kind, and compassionate person, many times putting the lives of others very much above his own. He will never leave a man behind no matter what orders he is given and would even be called a traitor just to save his men. He is also known to be very proud of those who he trains and will protect and treat his squad that he commands as if they were his very sons. Also, he loves working on the forge and will often spend hours making weapons, armor, and even just tools to pass the time.

Weapons and Armor

He has a pair of handcrafted, ceremonial Dwarven battle-axes. He also will carry a steel tower shield that is strapped across his back and will sometimes carry a broadsword, a crossbow, or a short bow depending on his needs.

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