Baeryn Kiask

Name: Baeryn Kiask

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Race: Luperian

Height: Six foot

Weight: 180

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual (prefers women more)

Physical Description: Baeryn was born with black fur, pointed ears that stick up through his long black ash hair to his shoulders, one white eye and one blue eye.

Mental Attributes: Cunning, great hunter and tracker, has sharp headaches on occasion.

Spells and Abilities: the ability to create and manipulate cold fire, also has telekinesis.

Weapons: Carries a compound bow, that has four red jewels in it. And a long crude hunting spear with the same quote as the outside of his ring engraved into the spear’s staff handle, “Live for freedom, fight for victory.”

Attire: Wears dark blue ripped at the knees jeans, and a black leather vest that is left unzipped to show off his muscular chest. Two black skull rings, one on each middle finger. And one gold ring on his right ring finger to commemorate his becoming a man, has family crest engraved in the inside of the ring, and “Live for freedom, fight for victory” engraved on the outside of the ring in Gaelic.

Baeryn Kiask was born to Baernel and Delphine Kiask, a couple that hunted and gathered for the Miurn Clan. As time went on, Baeryn become fascinated with archery, and hunting larger animals. He also grew a talent for painting, and also a gift in the magical ability to create and control cold fire. Like most of his family, Baeryn had always had the ability of telekinesis, which he used at his leisure. As he reached adulthood his parents urged him to find a mate, and they forcibly commanded it to be soon. Baeryn just wanted a quite life of music, and the occasional hunt. He’d never thought of finding a mate until his parents urged him to do so. Now, as he lives in dense forests and makes his home in trees and small dens that he digs himself, Baeryn is searching for his mate. Hoping that one day he will eventually produce his clans descendants.

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