Belven E. Kevkul

Name: Belven E. Kevkul

Age: 20 years old.

Race: Luperian

Gender: Male, Caucasian

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 150 lbs.

Strengths: His speed as well as wind manipulation.

Weaknesses: Low endurance as well as any opponent whom manages to ensnare him.

Abilities: Basic manipulation of the wind element.

Weaponry: Dark oak, recurve long bow.

Physical Description: Ever since his fur had grown in, inheriting his mothers coat, Belven is covered in a silver-grey. Unlike most other Luperian's who have their own hairstyles, his fur and hair is naturally slick and keeps it as such. As far as eye color goes, Belven has bright blue hues. The only scar upon the young Luperian's body is a deep gash and scar over his left eye, keeping fur from growing over the wound.

Clothing: Really, when it comes to his clothing style, Belven likes to keep it simple. Mostly the Luperian wears a sleeveless brown leather shirt with a stitched "v-neck". Around his lower body are a pair of blackened leather pants.

Mental Attributes: As for Belven's mental attributes, during combat he'll usually rely on his innate ability to control wind. As for hand-to-hand combat, Belven will use his speed and strike with all his might and run to avoid any opposition. Where as social situations are concerned, Belven is rather stoic in his demeanor and cares little of what people thinks. Despite this social disability, Belven will never hesitate to help anyone whom needs him.

History: Belven Kevkul, the son of Desmond and Deliah Kevkul. Belven spent most of his life along the side of his friend Baeryn. In this time Belven became one of the best hunters within the Miurn clans main house Key Hunters. Now serving, alongside Baeryn, as a Key Hunter for Lucas Miurn.

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