Name: Cain (last name unkown, suspected relative of nicholas black but no proof has been shown yet)
Eye Color: Silver
Skin tone: Unlike most vampires, has an Egyptian complexion
Hair Color: Light brown hair when grown out, but always has a shaved head
Height: 6 foot 1 inch
Weight: 177 lbs
Dislikes: The 'leader' of his kind nicholas black is a strong annoyance to him and often causes him to lose his temper when people speak highly of the man
Race: Krusnik


Cain was born to Krusnik royals who owned a rather large castle and estate with a small private army. He grew up having to take orders from their supposed 'leader' Nicholas Black and eventually began to grow a strong hatred of the idiotic man who should of been a court jester and not a warlord. He eventually left his home, seperating himself from his own race for following such an idiot and becoming a rogue who was looked down on by his own kind and the vampires. He once challenged Nicholas to battle and badly lost, being barely spared by a horde of vampires attacking the man and allowing Cain to escape. He has no particular job other than that of a travelling mercenary of sorts and will never take a job aligned with the vampires, krusniks, or with that idiot Nicholas.

Personality and Traits

He is a relatively silent person and hardly speaks a word which is often to keep his thoughts in his head and out of the minds of other people around him who might use them against him. He is also very cautious and careful with almost every action of his life.

Weapons and Armor

He can materialize two large falchion-like swords (if you've seen shunsui kyoraku's release form, thats what they look like but made from crystallized blood) and can materialize a large sword reminiscent of a german Zweihänder.

He wears various robes and sometimes light armor.

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