The Leader of All Zombies.

+++Race: Zombie

+++Age: unknown

+++Height: 5ft 6

+++Weight: 114 lbs (being a zombie she's basically skin and bones)


A former corpse brought to life by a the Necromancer . Of course, he didn't plan being devoured soon after… When Ecila finished him she took the Anklet of Verst and took over his castle and desert, naming herself Enchantress. Of course it hasn't always been peaches and cream owning the desert, the vampire kingdom also wanted the Necromancer's castle, but Ecila has fought several wars and won all because of her astonishly good battle skills.

Personality and Traits

Ecila is known for her quick temper and great leadership skills. Like all zombies she has a strong hatred for her vampire nemises and an extreme phobia of fire. She also wants to find an Emperor to rule with her some day.

Weapons and Armor

With the aid of the Anklet of Verst, she can summon more of the dead for protection against her vampire nemises.1

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