Hamihani Soyeriskata

Hamihani Falafae Soyeriskata is a nineteen year old Light Faerie, from the Island of Riblast.


Hamihani was the twenty ninth child of a family of fifty. Born in Gasamentro City, a city ten miles south from the capital, Hamihani lived in a world of luxury. As she grew up she became a quiet, cool and calm girl, whom many admired. One day, her father and mother fell sick to a grave illness, and no cure could be done. However, she overheard from people of a herb in the northern lands, capable of curing the illness her parents were afflicted with. Because all the other children thought their parents would soon be dead, they took all of the inheritance money and separated, leaving only the parents and Hamihani to fend for themselves.

She took a few jobs to raise money for a pixie to take care of her parents, and soon left on a journey to find the herb.

Resanoiori en Trejatira

Hamihani is calm and collected, and is hardly bothered by any creature. however, she does have a one track mind, making it hard for her to multi task as well as think or be concerned with other matters.

Miska en Yerafanle

She has an expertise with the spear and knows how to use tonfa lades. but her real weapon are two metallic fans with poison tipped blades from the most venomous animal in the world.


12th Dashtani Ave, Gasamentro City, Riblast Island, Aile Tyes, 90213

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