Izakryu Alisryus


Izakryu, Izak, or Ryu for short, was a druid-like persona that served under an organization of people dedicated to the preservation and order of all things. They were a sect that reveled in the creation of blades and an assortment of elegant weapons that were often enchanted, and used for justified purposes only. Members of the organization often leave on pilgrimages to study the world surrounding them, often documenting their experiences to be reviewed when (and if) they return. This allowed the organization to know about the world's troubles and react accordingly to preserve order and well-being amongst the continent's various societies and cultures. Izak is on such pilgrimage.


Izakryu was born as a Devroute citizen under Ezekiel and Arisellus Alisryus; two patron citizens within their society. His father had worked as a blacksmith, at the time when the organization— he later joined— had just begun. His mother embroidered Devroutian clothing for a living, and Izakryu would often wear her professionally done materials. His time with his parents were highly valued, and it wasn't long till he grew to be an astute learner and an intelligent mind. Ryu's mother passed away just after his 19th birthday. A mournful year for Izak at that time period. For years then he had taken care of his father who, had fell ill to an uncommon sickness. He died sometime during Izak's 22th year, passing away peacefully in the arms of his son. Izakryu joined the Organization known as the Sanctum of Unification and Liberty or S.O.U.L for short. An organization of blacksmith druid warriors who practiced the many aspects of forgery, spell casting, and swordplay… along with a variety of other martial art and weapon oriented classes that made them a small but very well disciplined network of people… who above all else valued peace. Within the next 3 years Izakryu grew to experience battle and warfare, and his skills were further mastered during this time frame. The Sanctum of Unification and Liberty then ordered the Druid on a pilgrimage to gain insight on the world, and to humble himself and achieve Master status among their organization. In his travels, Izakryu stumbled accidentally upon an Ancient Temple. Here he experienced a time rift, where the world itself seemed to divide into time and space. Here, a series of trials tested Izakryu physically and mentally. And after a year of solitude granted him access to an estranged artifact that merged with his being, allowing double his initial powers and knowledge. Izakryu returned from the depths, finding that no time had passed within his time frame, and thus continued on with his pilgrimage until finally returning after a two year adventure throughout Valonor. Documenting all of his experiences he returned and astonished his Organization. And was granted High Druid. Since then, he has rallied members of his organization and reworked the laws of their sect, hailing loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless-Service, Integrity, and Personal Courage among highest values of their code. Izakryu increased the time of pilgrimage and initiated the Temple's trials into the process, allowing S.O.U.L. members the chance of achieving a higher aspect of knowledge and ability. He later ordered the deciphering of the temple's encryption and became aware of an ancient society known as Rez, a spiritually inert culture that had achieved the ability to influence time and space to their advantage and bring about a technologically advanced age of their society, which later fell under siege and stood in ruin after the War of Deities. A havoc battle between over-powered individuals who sought ownership of land and resources. Since the discovery, Izakryu initiated a new law that required two pilgrimages for each druid instead of one, and that the second included exploration after the foundation of gaining knowledge and wisdom within the first. Feeling that if the first was successful, that the member had shown a devout sense of wisdom and capability to withstand the hardships of their second venture, nonetheless, documentation was still required. Being the first to engage in a second pilgrimage, Izakryu Valisryus journeys upon the world once more to uncover it's secrets, it's marvels, and to ensure order is apparent.

Personality and Traits

Izakryu Valisryus is taciturn and relatively silent. He does not engage in conversation unless someone engages it first. He is highly intelligent and wise, and oblivious to the common stereotype is often influenced by curiosity. He is never angered nor irritated. And is often fascinated easily by new marvels, no matter how big or small. He is inventive and open minded, most notably due to his philosophical way of thinking. He upholds the rules within his organization at highest regards. His traits include a birth mark similar to that of his mother, a small falcon-like emblem that resides on the lower back of his right shoulder. And cancer is known to run in his lineage.

Weapons and Armor

Izakryus Valisryus wields a total of four individual blades, from which he had crafted and enchanted himself. These blades were further augmented after his first pilgrimage when the druid learned that he could store his belongings in a self created parallel dimension to which he could later call upon and acquire at a whim, making it appear as if they had transcended into existence simply by his thinking. He is masterfully skilled in martial arts, and close combat, and has a devout knowledge of magic. He has no knowledge of projectile based weapons, including the bow and arrow, or even the breakthrough technology of the gun. His time in the sanctum of the Rezonian Temple has allowed him to achieve quicker reflexes, and a far less linear way of thinking.


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