Karaskoraronoiehedorimianateribosocolemionterihandogesubaso Imanataki

Karaskoraronoiehedorimianateribosocolemionterihandogesubaso Hebo Daerioronerikarosaeriherbasokaraki Imanataki is a citizen of the nation of Er Rianto Nitgaea Desuvon. She is the genius for advancing the technology of the Pixie race, creating weapons, machines, and transportation units that enable the pixies to survive outside their island.


She was born in the eastern section of Besarest, a shopkeeping quarter as many of the people there sell interesting goods and wares. Her passion for technology came as she was still eight, she found a book at a stall called "Li Hiri ro merikoro" a book with a language older than the known pixie language. She knew immediately, it was made from the olden days, in the other continent where their people lived an advanced life.She bought it and began translating, asking the older generation any word that they rember that came from the olden days. Months passed, and she gained enough words to begin translating, and in her journey practiced the arts. Their she made her first invention based off the book, The Proton X73 Cannon. A small device that is charged by solar power and can deliver a destructive blast.

It wasnt long before the leaders in Besarest caught wind of her invention, and book. They gave her a job at the Pixie National Research institute where she began making weapons, devices, and miscellaneous items. It was her inventions that made her people advance so far as to create self-defense weapons that would shield their island from any attack.

One day, she heard that many books similar to hers were being sold off the black market in the mainland. Seeing that the books could contain many more inventions that would progress the faerie race, she set out on a journey to collect them all. As of present, she has collected five books.

Personality and Traits

She loves to invent and make use of the materials around her. She is witty, mischievous, but hardworking. She doesnt like to talk very much and would rather use actions to prove herself. She has a weakness for cute things and loves flowers. She can speak only the Faerie language, albeit not well and will use her laptop to translate other foreign languages to the pixie language to help her communicate.

+++Weapons and Armor

To protect herself, She has a Photon Ionic V23 Handgun, A 234-XRS Ion Deflector Shield, and a Z23 Atomic knuckle fist capable of knocking anything down. She also uses her Terios Mantacore which allows her to see vital signs of people she tracks, send messages back to her home, and translating languages, not to mention look up anything in the database if she needed to know a local folklore or see the map of the area.

Physical Appearance


+++Relationship Status

None so far.


Lives in 3423 E Geriko Avenue, Besarest, Ferainto. But is currently on journey.

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