King Korok

King Korok, (Ka-rock) the current Grand Cave dragon for the Cronoshians, a king with an adventurous spirit and dreams of bringing incredible Prosperity to his people


like most Cronoshians, Korok hatched with a full set of teeth, but like the king to be he was, they were immediatly pulled and replaced with magicaly enchanted gemstones that were charmed to grow with him as his normal teeth. upon reaching the age of 500, Korok was taken to the surface to see the world for the first time, and was utterly facinated. he made frequent trips to the well of history to learn all he could of the surface civilizations. on his fathers death bed, he said to Korok that his only regret was that he had never actualy brought the Cronoshians in actual direct contact with the surface dwellers. upon Koroks coronation ceremony the next day, he stated infront of the entire population of Grand Cavern city, the capital city, that he would, during his reign, bring the greatness that was the Cronoshian civilization, to the surface people. ever since then, he has made regular trips to the surface, studying and observing the civilizations of today so that he may one day make a public apearance to the surface world, and make the Cronoshian civilizaion known.

Personality and Traits

Korok is the kind of king who would do anything he can for the better good of his people. he is incredibly curious of the surface world and its people, and always does all he can to learn about them. he is kind, generous, and does whatever he can to show his people are one to be respected. he can become incredibly feirce if his people are ever threatened.

Weapons and Armor

Korok is equiped with a spiked tale hard enough into break diaminds to dust, gemstone teeth strong enough to bend metal if he bites down hard enough, and afew base magical abilities, since has been putting more time into surface reserach than magical practice. these abilities include magical knowledge consumption, which is natural for his subrace and afew various elemental breath technieches

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