Niala Miurn

**Name: Niala Miurn

**Age: 20

**Gender: Female

**Race: Luperian

**Height: Five feet and six inches

**Weight: 180

**Sexual Orientation: Straight

**Relationship Status: Single and looking for a committed relationship with a potential mate

**Physical Description: She was golden brown fur, pointed ears that stick up through deep burgundy hair, silvery-blue eyes, and
wear glasses

**Mental Attributes: She has a very high intelligence, sharp-minded and sharp-witted

**Weapons: She carries a special unbreakable silver sword that her father passed down to her when she turned sixteen. She also carries a bow and arrows along with two silver daggers.

**Attire: She wears a sleeveless green shirt with either a long white skirt or black, loose-fitting trousers. She also wears a golden chain locket around her neck. It used to belong to her mother before she was given it as a coming-of-age gift.

**History: Niala Miurn was born to Lucas and Karina Miurn, the Alpha Dom and Alpha Beta of the Miurn Clan. As time went on, she started to notice the male wolves. She had told her friends that just because her parents were the Clan leaders did not not mean she was to be treated differently. When she reached sixteen years of age, she noticed that her friends were scented and ended up together. She went to her mother and asked her why none of the male wolves approached her. Her mother had replied that none of them were worthy to become her mate and there was another Wolf out there that deserved her and would love her completely. She continued to work in the school as a teacher of music and writing. Three of her female friends came to her and asked her if she was going to mate with any of the single male wolves that were still living with the Clan. She told them that none of them was her other half and completed her heart. They understood what she was going through and hoped that she would find a Wolf who would protect her and love her….

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