Nicholas Black

Name: Nicholas Black
Age: 23
Eye color: Crimson Red, demonic red at 100% power
Race: Krusnik
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black in normal state, when in 100% Krusnik state his hair turns pure white


Nicholas was born a Kresnik to a wealthy family of Vampires and he was a protectful and caring older brother to his little sister Karin whom he loved deeply. However when the unforunate day came at the age of 14 where his true powers developed, he was discovered to be a Krusnik and not a pureblood vampire and his own father exiled him from the castle he grew up in, forcing him to become a wanderer and mercenary of sorts. He often worked odd jobs and struggled his way through life. However when he eventually met up with a very dangerous dark elf assassin, he nearly lost his life after underestimating the purple-skinned warrior. However he nearly killed the elf in turn and got away by flying off. After that encounter he went on to become a wandering mercenary of sorts.

Personality and Traits

Is a very foul-tempered person and bloodthirsty person and has an extremely destructive personality, he has an extreme hate for his own family, having killed his own father just for trying to make him stop killing. He however when not angered or in the bloodthirsty mood, is a relatively calm person and is usually rather cueless and acts foolish for his age, once peeing in a bush for being unable to find a toilet. He also often makes things up as he go and can be rather silly, but is a formidable warrior in battle, though his people hardly take him seriously.

Weapons and Armor

Can materialize a giant axe made from his own crystalized blood, also can fire concussive blasts and put up and barriers to help made from compressed sound and air, he also can form a bow and a set of twenty four arrows in the same method his axe is made, but making more arrows requires it is done an arrow every minute. He also has a knowledge of offensive spells him in combat and knows a litte summoning.

Clothing and Physical appearance

Often wears a black formal shirt and a pair of dark blue casual jeans, but will other times wear a white shirt and black jeans however he has many outfits he wears and most are composed of casual clothes. He is of a lean and fairly muscular build and has shoulder length pitch black hair that turns snow white in his 100% crusnik mode and crimson eyes. He also has rather rugged and worn out nails from lack of proper care for them. He also has a necklace around his neck made of a black string with a cross at the end.

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