Raum Razzahk

Name: Raum Razzahk
Gender: Male
Race: Dark Elf
Age: 30
Eye color: Black
Hair color: Black
Height: 6 foot even
Weight: 165
Likes: Money, a good fight or hunt, actually being able to use his skills with restriction, has a smoking and drinking habit but can hold his liquor, girls (duh XD)
Dislikes: Hates cowards, losing, or being forced to give up, surrender, or get a bad mission
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single


Raum was born into one of the most uncivilized and barbaric tribes of the Dark Elves, turning him into a warrior himself like most of his family was. He eventually killed his own father out of sheer spite, even threatening his own mother and little brother that if they told a soul, they would be brutally slaughtered. He was eventually given up and exiled from the clan, causing him to lead the life of an outcast. He eventually returned to his old home a year later to find it destroyed by a band of Orcs, causing him to lose it and slaughter each and every one of the orcs even though he had killed his own father. Through the course of the battle, he found out he had a natural ability with weapons of any kind, actually making him able to take out the squad of Orcs. By the time he had finished, he had looted the weapons of the orcs, taken all the weapons he could carry from his clan's stockpile, and had taken a set of ancestral armor. He then set out to become somewhat of a mercenary, selling his brute force to the highest bidder and forgetting the former honor he had when in his clan. He also eventually learned stealth techniques and how to apply his Dark Elf heritage to become a deadly assassin. He has also taken part in several battles that have nothing to do with his race, but only when hired. One day when he met another dark elf and the man attacked him outright, calling him a betrayer and the reason their clan had died, he remembered his little brother. He ruthlessly butchered his former sibling, cutting his head off and throwing it to a wild pack of animals. At the present he is a mercenary and assassin that takes part in any battle that gives him good pay.

Personality and Traits

He can be really cold most of the time, is usually quiet, but in battle he is reckless, brutal, and he can think like a highly trained strategist.

Weapons and Armor

Carries a halberd across his back, a claymore is also strapped across his back next to it, has several throwing daggers in a pouch on his waist, has a shortsword in his boot, and a longsword in a sheath at his waist. He also carries a bow made from black wood with special ebony, poisoned covered arrows and he wears a set of ancestral Dark elf Armor he stole from his former clan.

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