Bio: As the immortal beings called dragons began to multiplied over the human's earth necromancers and warlocs quickly felt threatened. They wouldnt stand for beasts so large and powerful ruling the lands that they had already claimed as theirs for pillaging. To counter act these immortal beasts they knew what they needed to do. They hired mercenaries to capture all the eggs from a near by dragon's nest and collected as many as they could. A total of six eggs were broughts back, all of them where white and red, about the twice the size of a human's head.
Upon receiving the eggs the group raided a small town, it would be the last raid the town survived. Men, women, children all paniced as houses were set ablaze by torches and souls lifted from their family members. Merely a few were left alive after the raid and the necromancers had over 100 souls collected into a black orb that constantly yelled and screamed for freedom.
When they came back to the eggs they began to enchant the small orbs of life, giving them each a sacrifice of souls and dark magic, slowly changing them to black and covering some of their red. By the end of the enchantment all of them seemed to have a dark aura, but their auras' were all waning in power except for one. It's aura was growing larger, and at a greater rate then then others were waning. It wasn't long before they noticed mercenaries and necromancer's alike dropping dead, the survivors even tried to escape, but didn't have the strength to make it to their doors before fading away. The last necromancer ended his strides with only enough strength to carve "wretched egg" into the bottom of a door, as to tell the story of his end.
After a few days the egg hatched, finding itself surrounded by death, or in other words, plenty of food. For the first few days of his life he fed upon the corpses around him before eventually growing sick of such foods. He pulled as many corpses as he could to one open window before crawling out, finally released into the world. With the wide world in front of him he was able to do what he wished, which was usually hunting and killing every living thing that he could see, hear or smell.

Personality and Traits

Rein is a hunter and has lived in a forest valley most of his life. His main thing is to hunt and kill prey while his entertainment is to find something new to kill. Although he has not been introduced to anything he knows to be sentient, or understand so he is still fresh to society.

+++Physical Description

Maturity: Adolescent
Height: 7 feet tall
length: 17 feet long without tail 30 with
Scales: A glossy black with white helix like streaks along his sides, separating the black scales from his gray underbelly
Eyes: Schlera - a bright green. Pupil - black
Snout: Sharp triangle like snout with a just rounded tip.
Body: His body is muscular and lithe, he seems to be built for speed.
Wings: None.
Limbs: He has four front limbs and two back, looking slightly bird like but mostly lizard.
Tail: His tail length is about the same as his body length and is whip-like, able to reach next to his face if needed.
Horns: He had four horns each created fro a near neon green crystal that tends to glow.The two predominant ones up top that are 8 inches long, seeming to be shaped like sickle blades pointing downwards and his sub horns seem to be shapes like two 12 inch scythe blades with blades facing the sky.
Spines: Along his spine are small but sharp spines that point backwards, but diminish in size until they stop at his tail, in which a new set seems to have grown along the bottom of his tail gradually growing bigger until you reach the tip with has one large blade like spine, seeming to take the shape of a two pronged hook.
Teeth: His teeth are, large sharp and carnivorous. Six teeth from his top line starting about 1/4th of the way to his nose stick out, gradually degrading on the way to his cheeks. Showing that he does not have the option of eating plants.

Weapons and Armor

Powers: There are four, two foot diameter spheres floating above him at all times, they are rather jagged, being made from the same green crystal that makes up his horns and spines. They each seem to weigh about two thousand pounds and can travel to a maximum of 400 miles per hour in a straight line or when spinning in one spot. The one long spine on his tail is also able to cut through about 3 inches of steel with a strong enough swing. Also for souls and magic users, when one is consumed by this beast their soul and mana become the creature's to control until fully digested for energy. Strength of will or magic are not a question, the only prevention is not being eaten or removing your soul before such.


Rein is a dragon that does not have human vocal chords and has had little to no communication with species, although when he thinks of something everyone and thing can see his thoughts in their own mind, the stronger they are the more apparent. This means if he sees you and wants to kill you, you will know, if one stays alert to their mind they may also see what he will do with the one ton orbs. He will not see another's thoughts unless they know a form of telepathy.

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