Rika Nonaka

Name: Rika Nonaka





Relationship Status:Single but looking for the right person

Physical Description:Long pink hair with pinkish eyes,About 5,3 or 5,4 and 95lbs

Mental Attributes:Very bright and skilled when it comes to fighting,She knows when and where to move to stay alive but her weapons tend to slow her down often because of their length,her skin is hard but not impossible to penatrate,but beware when she gets in a stance and her hands glow,she just might be using her fatal Blizzard attack

Spells and Abilities:Flying,Stoneskin,Bat form,Blizzard.

Weapons:Long swords/Spears/Reverse Blades

Attire:a red rose with a red ribbon in her hair,black mini skirt with high heels and a black top

History:Ditched as a child,She grew up in the woods and picked up by a local family who knows who and what she is but still takes her as one of their own,Being raised by humans she has grown a partial immunity to sunlight but can only stay in it for about 10 minutes until she needs to pull out,she as grown to love humans and learn to feast on normal food and not blood,but if she bites you,then you will slowly but surely become a vamp of their kind

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