Rin Silthion

Name: Rin Silthion
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Bisexual
Race: Luperian (like her older brother, permanantly in wolf form)
Physical Description: Has a velvet shade of red fur covering his body that is actually velvety soft. She has a very fit and lean figure that has actually been tortured to the point where her entire body is shaped to be perfect, from her legs to her face, she is beautiful so that those who come to the brothel she is forced to live and 'work' at enjoy their state.
Mental Attributes: She is even more submissive than her brother, never once speaking a word to protect herself. She is always in the slave mindset and due to her Orc owners breaking her.. she is a bit of a slut and doesn't even remember her past.
Spells and Abilities: None, but she used to be an excellent hunter and tracker
Weapons: None
Attire: Torso: She wears an extremely tight Corset that places emphasis on her breasts, wears black body stocking underneath that covers her entire body.
Legs: Thigh-high black lace stockings
Other: Dog collar around her neck, often forced to wear a humiliating gag, is also often tied very tightly to a post in a horse stable
History: When Rin's home was raided by orcs, she and her brother were kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery. However, she got the short end of the stick.. being forced against her will to be put to work as a prostitute in an Orc brothel where she was broken, severely beaten daily, and often humiliated. She even once beaten into a coma that lasted two weeks just for hiding food. She was eventually broken and every ounce of self identity beaten out of her and her memories magically locked into a corner of her mind so that she would have no emotional attachments to anything. The sadistic and cruel orcs who owned her even replaced her memories with that of a seductress, a slut, a pleasure woman just so that they could make a quick buck. At the present she is still a prostitute owned by a band of viscious and sadistic orcs.

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