Name: Roth'tor
Gender: Male (assumably from his voice)
Eye color: No eyes
Hair color: No hair
Skin Color: Ash grey skin covered in scabs, scars, scratces that practically is barely staying together and is missing at parts, revealing blackened and burnt muscle, parts of his skull showing and ribs poking out elsewhere
Age: 33 when alive, is now immortal and cursed to walk the earth endlessly
Likes and dislikes: Mind is in no state to like anything, almost disliking every single thing on the planet


Roth'tor was born to a group of cultists as a rather disturbed and evil child, performing strange and twisted experiments on his fellow cult members since the age of 12 and earning him the ire of his fellow brothers. When he reached the age of 32, he had learned a vast knowledge of sorcery and alchemy and was working on becoming immortal. However he was attacked and nearly killed, so he was forced to take the second way to immortality to save his life; becoming a wraith. When he rose up from his badly damaged body, covered in a black shroud-like cloak with a long sword in his hands and a bow across his back, he slaughtered the entire cult for being 'inferior' and imperfect. He soon left the scene with the souls of his former brethren in a bottle, intending to gain more power and become a force to be reckoned with.

Personality and Traits

He is literally insane, having lost his mind with his mortality when he became a wraith. He is a very disturbed person who many times kills a man for looking funny, being inferior, or just plain doing nothing at all.

Weapons and Armor

Has no need for armor due to his wraith body and wears a pitch black, shroud-like cloak over his body. He carries a scythe capable of ripping into someone's very soul along with a pitch black long sword, and he carries a bow and a set of demonic enchanted arrows.

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