Sehlia Tyrghymn

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Name Meaning: "Soft Mistress of the Forgotten Way"

Played by: DreamGirl303

Quests Offered

"If you want to offer quests to other characters, write the description of the quest here and the reward. For example: 'Sehlia Tyrghmn currently wishes someone to rid her house of house elves. A character will receive the Amulet of Defense, allowing for one escape from battle during role play, after successful completing the quest.' These quests must be role-played in detail, and not just 'Josiah complete's Sehlia Tyrghmn's quest.'"

Physical Appearance

"What does your character look like? Avoid vague descriptions such as 'High Elf'"

Personality and Character Traits

"What is your character's personality and what unique character traits does your character have?"

Weapons and Armor

"What is your character's main set of weapons and armor? Include description, ability of defense, and weaknesses."

Survival Skills

"Can he or she survive in the wilderness, and, if so, how? What camping gear do they have?"

Special Gear

"Transportation, quest items, notable loot. Also indicate any special gear a worthy opponent might get from you."


"What is your character's childhood history? What past events cause your character to behave the way he or she does?"

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