Seta Whitenose Kouski


Seta Kouski was born as the creature she is, an anthropomorphic looking rabbit, brown with a white muzzle, with soft, floppy ears, and small, graceful paw/hands. She is actually quite beautiful for a creature, though she does not mean to be, having a cute smile when she wants to or even looking ferocious. She was born to the clan of the Kouski, a magic using clan that usually are nature based and druids, most of which being werebunnies, though there are a few differentials… She was born with the name "Whitenose", because she had a white nose at birth, though this isn't a huge occurrence, most name their children after an unusual quality they have, and let them decide their own names later, so, when she came of age, she named herself Seta.

Seta learned to become a Sorceress instead of a Druid, and took advantage of her agility and speed by becoming something of a thief, all with training from around her family. Her greatest asset as a thief is her sensitive nose, she can distinguish the smells of fruits, people, even gold from the surroundings, thought his does become distinct disadvantages, as one could open a bottle of detouring smelling liquid, and it would drive her away from her destination point.

Personality and Traits

Seta is actually quite shy a character, though, once shes warmed up to one, she becomes a very good talker, and very sweet. She mainly does thieving because she finds it fun and a rush, after all, being chased around for stealing is kinda fun. After all is said and done, UNLESS she really needed the item, she will usually return the item with no complaints, just drop it off and continue on her way. She may be spiteful once in a while, when insulted, perhaps pulling a prank on one, and acting innocent. Gods know that she is an excellent actor, probubly because she had practice around her family.. Though she does get angry, she often does not have any rage, actually very peaceful if she gets aggravated to a point, just turning and walking away, though, if provoked by physical violence, she will attack. She is currently seeking to learn more about magics so that she can become better, though she is experienced in one, specialized in it.

Weapons and Armor

Because she is of two classes that are of disadvantages to use metals, she wears mostly leather.

Below most of her clothes, she wears a leather body suit, able to cover her torso and such, not much, actually more related to a one piece bathing suit with a collar, because it is made to give her as much room to move as passable. Atop that is a belt that holds a few items: A pouch in which she holds powder, to restore her magical energy when she gets tired, and then a small sheath holding an ivory dagger, it's handle wrapped in leather to make it confortable, and a few runes on it to make it as hard as steel, and the gourd for carrying her water. She also has a messager's bag carry on, which is for most of the things she carries, such as her food, such as breads and dried berries, as well as maps or other survival equipments, such as a large sheet she has to make a tent from. To cover all of these things, she wears something of a mix between a mage's robe and a thief's cloak, covering her body with thin fabric in order to conceal her identity to those she does not want, but thin so that it will not be too heavy for when she runs away.

Abilities and Magics

As a Wererabbit, she gains several advantages, and disadvantages. One mixed blessing is the naturally agile body, thin and able. It isn't very strong, except in the legs, but it allows her to run quicker, and to jump higher, and, because of the shape, it allows her to run on all fours, because her lower body is constructed more twards that of a rabbit. Because of this, though, she cannot take as many hits as a human, and often gets hurt easily.

For her spells, she knows only a few, able to cast a burst of Magic Missiles, twelve, but also able to use Feather fall, which is one of her favorite spells to combine with her jumps. These are her most infamous, but she also knows a minor healing spell.

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