Full name: Raul Soloman Teranuz
Race: Formerly Demon, turned into a UnqueHîni at age 20
Eye color: Formerly emerald green when human, now no eyes
Hair: None left
Skin color: No skin, but his skeletal figure is a darker shade of rust red
-Before UnqueHîni transformation: 6 foot 5 1/2 inches
-After UnqueHîni transformation: 7 foot 4 inches
-Before UnqueHîni transformation: 159 lbs
-After UnqueHîni transformation: 215 lbs
Other Physical traits: Has ritual carvings in his UnqueHîni skeleton and a seal on the front of his left shoulder that limits his magical powers all of his memories, replacing his childhood with growing up as a slave to the UnqueHîni.


Soloman was born Raul 'Soloman' Teranuz to a small family of low-rank demon warriors and later lost his life in a battle, only to have his corpse stolen by a group of UnqueHîni who then turned him into one of the many mindless and endlessly toiling members of the Worker caste. He eventually learned the elaborate tattoo on the front of his left shoulder was actually a seal to prevent him from using magic and that sealed away his memories of his life up to his transformation into a UnqueHîni. He eventually began to dig secret tunnels when he worked in the mines, using it to escape with a group of his fellow workers, however only to be the last one to make it out alive. He went on to become somewhat of a resistance fighter, collaborating with many other races and groups to take out UnqueHînis throughout the entire world, freeing many of the opressed UnqueHîni worker caste and making many enemies along the way. Despite his known methods to carry out his objectives, he is a very kind, calm, and polite person for a UnqueHîni and as of late, his activities has spread to ending slavery on a global scale, be it sexual, labor, or even just a house maid, he became a liberator to slaves, and a nightmare to slavers and even his fellow UnqueHîni.

Personality and Traits

He is a man with a strong mind and even stronger morals, having an especially strong hatred for Slavers and even his own fellow UnqueHîni unless they are like him and refuse to force people to work against their wills.

Weapons and Armor

Armor: Only wears a black pair of pants, exposing his enormous and heavily built yet skeletal figure, but his bones are far from brittle and are actually stronger than steel itself. However he will sometimes wear a tan trenchcoat when in desert areas and other times his torso will be covered in bandages to hide his skeletal appearance.

Weapons: Only carries a bow, some arrows, and a pair of blades resembling a pair of Falcata blades but slightly larger and with slightly jagged edges

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