Terra Willowbrook

Name: Terra Willowbrook
Height: 5 feet 6 inches
Weight: 165
Gender: Female
Race: Fire Elf
Physical Description: She has deep red hair, deep green eyes, tan skin, has a slightly muscular build.
Mental Attributes: She has a high intelligence level, cunning, sharp-witted, and sly when it comes to duelling with someone.
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single but searching for a relationship
Attire: She wears a long red flower-embroidered tunic with black slacks underneath it, black strapped sandals, four bracelets around her right wrist, and a gold necklace around her neck.

Terra was born into a family of Fire elf farmers. She always took care of her three younger brothers while their parents worked on other people's farms and harvested their crops for them. They harvested their own crops as well. When she reached the age of thirteen, her parents were murdered in a raid that occurred in their village. About one hundred elves died that day. She and her three younger brothers hid in the cellar while the Raiders ramshackled everything in their house searching for money. To this very day, her brothers and she are living with their grandparents. She has been working in a small brothel as a dancer. She hated doing it but she needed to make money so her grandparents could keep up with their taxes and pay them. She wanted someone to rescue her and show her what love really is.

Personality and Traits:
Terra is a sweet person and enjoys helping out those who are in need of assistance. She only shows her fierce personality when someone is being attacked or taunted. She is protective of those who she loves and are friends with. She is also sharp-witted, quick-minded, cunning and sly when she needs to be. She is also very likable and loves to sing for everyone.

Weapons and Armor:
She carries a special fire sword that her father passed down to her after she had defeated their corrupt politician. She cherished the sword and only used it when she had to fight those who dared to attack her village. She was the only female to be trained in hand-to-hand combat and sword-welding. She also carried a bow and arrows with her, along with two daggers that her grandmother used to carry when she was younger. She wanted to join the Fire Guard but wondered if she had the qualifications for it.

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