Theron Faolon

Name: Theron Faolon
Age: 19
Height: 6 foot
Weight: 150
Eye color: Literally look like they are ablaze
Gender: Male
Race: Fire elf
Physical Description: Red skin, white hair, lean and slightly muscular build
Mental Attributes: He has an average intelligence but a sharp wit
Sexual orientation: Straight
Relationship status: Single, but looking for relationship
Attire: Usually shirtless but will wear a normal black t-shirt and pants. However he also has a locket around his neck with a folded up letter inside and the names of his now dead family and a small inscription saying "Never forget the ones who gave your life meaning.."


Theron was born to a family of Fire elf nobles and as a result he had a slight superiority complex for most of his life which he eventually grew out of. When he reached the age of 14 he took part in a two day long siege on his family's castle that ended with his family dead and he without a home. He soon left the site after burying his father, mother, and little sister. Theron soon got over the deaths of his family, despite being changed for life and went on to attempt to become a representative of his race and failed, instead becoming a common warrior. He still to this day thinks of trying again but never does, fearing he will once again be shot down and lose the position.

Personality and Traits

He is a daring and risk-taking person with a wit sharper than a steel blade that has gotten him out of many situations where he was outmatched. He is also has a strong love for women, yet he can't find the one right for him. He also has a tendency to solve a lot of his emotional problems with alcohol.

Weapons and Armor

Has a hand-crafted bow and a set of arrows to match that are sharpened regularly. He also carries a two handed blade resembling a claymore with extensive engravings and runes on it.
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