Name: Thor'sk the Exile
Age: Somewhere around 408 million years old
Race: Uda'Urazhan "Immortal Dragons"
Skin color: Covered in rough, Ebony black scales
Eye color: His left eye is replaced by a large black orb made from solid ebony and with intricate golden markings all over it, the pupil of the eye however is replaced by a golden seal, right eye is completely white, pupil, iris, and all
Height: 8.1 meters tall
Length: 70 meters
Weight: 4409 lb

-Human form:
Eye color: Black
Height: 6 foot 2 inches
Hair color: Black
Skin color: Dark skin (think african complexion)


Thor'sk was born a normal dragon, not some super-soldier or some noble.. but just an ordinary dragon. He lived most of his life hiding from the rest of the world, part of it being afraid to get made fun of and mostly just hating his own race in general. He usually only left the darkness of his family's small cave to go hunt for food. However as he grew up and reached adulthood, he began thinking he was meant for something more and ended up killing his own father. He tried to hide it and failed, being caught and luckily not executed.. but he was dishonored and was exiled from his family, his own race, and from Dragon society in general. He eventually took the name Thor'sk the Exile and lived inside a cave by himself in a mountain range far from his childhood home. He has many times thought about taking down the king of dragons.. but has never actually done it as he knew he would be overpowered too quickly and instead has let it subside to a small irritation.

Personality and Traits

He is a generally quiet and pessimistic person, often driving possible friends or love interests away because of it. If he can be convinced, he can be a rather kind and caring person, but often he will not show his more vulnerable side as he suspects almost everyone of being out to hurt him or just make his life worse. He also has an irritation with the king of the immortal dragons A'dran. Also, he has a love of ancient texts and artifacts and often collecting ancient and outdated texts and reading them in his free time.

Weapons and Armor

Both human and dragon forms:
-Ebony orb replacement left eye: His left eye is replaced by a solid ebony orb with intricate gold markings covering most of it and where the pupil should be, it is replaced by a seal that can be broken by flexing the muscles in his eyeball, but it can only be done when the muscles are flexed at the same time Thor'sk needs the power. The eye is capable of absorbing mana and casting spells, it can also throw up barriers that aren't very strong but can save Thor'sk's life on occasion.

Human form:
-Wears a light gray shirt, brown pants, and a pair of black shoes.
-Entire left arm is covered in black armor plating, a pair of black armor plating leggings, and a pair of black armored boots
-In human form he carries a two handed battle-axe that is strapped across his back.

Dragon form:
-His large, sharpened and razor-sharp claws

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