Vistle Rageheart

Founded by an ancient and powerful wizard, Vistle Rageheart grew to befriend Darius, a Gryphon he himself had found and raised during his adolescence, he later grew to join the ranks of the Rezonian Guard along with Darius, and the two have been companions since. Brothers, it seems, despite their obvious differences.


Vistle Rageheart was founded as no more then a newly born infant by the wise and old Al Mutah, to which he was known at the time as Marlock, or old one, to many of the commoners. The old man raised the boy delightfully, and at an early age began training him to become a young master of dark and light arts. Vistle grew to fall in with the ranks of the Rezonian order, working his way up to a leader status. On many occassions Vistle had been the brains behind successful defense against particular raids and terrorist threats on Rezonian society. On multiple occassions he was offered a spot on the council, and even at one point the throne, but has thus far declined, believing his sole purpose is to see that Rezonian remains protected against outsiders, and that, "Polotics weren't his forteit," Vistle Rageheart's companion and brother Darius has remained at his side through his entire growth, an adopted Gryphon after Vistle found him on the outskirts of Rez. Wherever Vistle goes, Darius follows, as is the latter. The duo are like two peas in a pod, and find it difficult to cope when not in their company, which is stranger still, since they are particularly fond of debating and hastling each other over belignorant matters.
five +'s."

Personality and Traits

Generally a kind and gentle person with a stout and positive attitude. Always ready to make friends, and always willing to take the lead, Vistle is a character that by far defines those of justice and integrity. His honesty, and loyalty to his fellow friends gives him the strength he needs to progress himself, both physically and mentally. Vistle can be concluded as a person who would be hard to make enemies with.

Weapons and Armor

Vistle Rageheart carries a sword forged by a wise and very aged black-smith, it was later enchanted by Marlock, an old wizard from which founded Vistle as a toddler and grew to raise him, all the while teaching him various forms of magick, both in the dark and light arts.

Physical Appearance


Relationship Status

Maxun is currently classed as single, however he commoonly charms a lass or two every now and then


Vistle has known Rez as his homeland, although all information regarding his actual location of birth, let alone lineage, is unknown.

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