Xeno is a human assassin. He's dark and shady… but if gotten to known a little better he can be a great ally… if your not a target


Xeno has never had a home. He's been wandering since Birth. But… no matter where he's traveled he sees the same thing… Grief. Agony. Greed. Suffering… he learned of these from an early age… even so, every so often he see's a glimmer of hope… a sign that humanity isn't all lost… If he finds corruption he will swiftly dispatch it. He does what he can to get by and try's to do whats right… even if its not always clear.

Personality and Traits

He's kind and courteous to those who he respect's, and Hostile to those he does not. if he find's someone in bad taste he won't hesitate to end them if need be.

Weapons and Armor

Xeno usually carries a scythe, a shortsword, dagger and a crossbow.

His armor is mostly cloth based made of a dark material, he has a mask that covers the bottom half of his face and steel arm braces. He wears a cloak and leather belt that holds all his weapon's except for his scythe, which is strapped across his back.

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