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Giving Life to Characters

As discussed briefly in the guidelines you can have as many characters as you want and do not have to create a character sheet, however if you do wish to, here are a few templates you may like to use, a simple (the common roleplay template) or the complex.
For information about your characters origins view the races and the subraces pages.

Common Roleplaying Character Sheet

Advanced Character Sheet


To create a subrace you pick what race you want to use and figure out there status either by there enviroment, complexion and or there mentalities. Here are a very examples of common subrace types you will find on this page. Now With your subrace you do not have to refer to there name as Desert Elf or Winter Halfling, you are free to name it how ever you like, these are just templates and guidelines that may or may not be followed.

High- These characters are often light in skin and resemble a carcasion in many aspects. They often dwell, and always originate, in highlands, plains, often of a mixed temperature.
Wood or Forest- As the title suggests these are creatures of the woods and are often a darker type complexion ranging from light brown to a darker brown.
Desert- The races who dwell in the desert lands often get a very dark brown colour of skin and dark hair aswell, however there are some exceptions, especially for newly settled creatures.
Deep or Mountain- These creatures dwell deep in the mountains and often have a lighter almost tan or yellow complexion. However as with the desert this is not always the case and exceptions can take place. Often the yellow complexion comes from people who dwell close to very high mountains and not always inside them.
Snow or Winter- These are creatures who dwell in snowlands and are often a reddish or pinkish brown colour, sometimes even tan. However as with many other subraces when these creatures move to other areas they keep there skin tone for a very long time.
Ancient- These can be any variety of skin colour and is often the title given to the very first subrace, often called the father race. They usually continue to dwell in the original place of the race, in most cases being a very peaceful and bounitful forest area(sometimes called a garden).
Light- As with the ancients they can be any variety of skin color, however these creatures are often very connected to the positive and light side of life and are often considered peacekeepers or wellwishers.
Dark- As a opposition to the light creatures, dark creatures are very evil and underhanded caring very little for anything other then themselves, often within sharing that view in there treatment of there own kin.

Cultures and Nations of the Races

Cultures are based around a leading kingdom or core civilization and are created very often by subraces opposed to the whole race. However a whole race can be considered a nation or a culture, but for this section the culture is the kingdom, it's people and it's understanding of a certain subrace. As an example some High Elves dwell in the kingdom of Neithan(it's culture) while others dwell in the forestlands of Utharan.

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