Friska is a small mountain nation that borders The human kingdom of Lazzario, The Light Faerie Mainland Territory, The Orcish tribes, and The Segasco Sea. It's Capital is Friska, known as the City of Everlasting Rings. The Country is inhabited by The Feline Folk, and is ruled by a king. However in reality, this rugged and beautiful nation is treated like a puppet territory by the kingdom of Lazzario, which uses the nation to give them a border protection from other races. Thus, the feline folk have been opressed by their greedy and insatiable king.


Long ago, Friska was uninhabited, and only wild animals lived there. It was a very rugged land, where all types of unique flora and fauna thrived there. But in 345 tya, The Feline folk, who fled from the chaos happening in the central lands, arrived and made this place their home. In time, a culture grew and now, this nation is a poor country, but rich in cultural history. offering a variety of foods and festivals, as well as stories and folklore But then, The nation of Lazzario secretly met with -King Esabaruskan and threatened him, that unless the nation pledged its loyalty to Lazzario, Friska will be crushed. Afraid, the king agreed and everything went downhill from there.

Religion or Belief

The Feline folk believe in a Cat God in the sky and found the more feral and primitive type-cats to be superior. Thus the cats are treated well and a belief occurs, that, if a cat enters your home and offers three dead mice, good luck will happen.

Rulers and Lords

King Rappasnion Nyakeri




The feline folk have an interesting language where all the verbs ends with "nya", nouns end with "mew", and adverbs, conjunctions, prepositions and adjectives ends with "rya"

Example: <i> Kyorimew sakinya torimew seramew rafikanya metrurya! </i> In translation: Kyori jumped on top of the rooftop majestically!

Notable Members

Lisakonya Mikarikia

Weapons and Structures

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