Light Faeries

Light Faeries, are relatives of the Faerie family. They normally inhabit the more colder regions, preferring the small hard to reach isles. The Light Faeries, are blessed with High Magical and Spiritual Energy, which they take advantage of by creating weapons and tools to emulate or channel their powers. Their characteristics are generally a normal human height unlike those of normal faeries, who are much smaller. A stroke of yellow appearing on their left cheek, which is a genetic birthmark, Three Golden wings in the form of circles around their back, and forest green tattoo's evident on their right arms. Though, it is rare, Light Faeries also have villages in the mainlands and generally take on the roles as healers to wounded travellers.


Light faeries were originally normal faeries who had a passion and love for cold weather until they emigrated. As they arrived at the colder islands, they were forced to adapt to an area they were not familiar with. The snowy rocky terrain inhibited from growing crops and predators of every kind hunted them,Faeries who could not endure the rugged and harsh landscape of the islands, died and their corpses used to be a sort of fertilizer on the ground. Soon, only a handful of them survived. however, these few had strong genetic traits and could survive in this land. As the years passed, the offspring's of these few grew to be a sturdier and stronger generation. Growing taller, harder, and stronger, and it was not long before all of the kin adapted to the harsh terrain rather well. Their population which were merely hundreds, boomed to thousands, and they began to emigrate to the colder lands down south, the mainland up north, and even back to their ancestral islands of the faeries. They now are expert navigators, merchants, healers, craftsmen, and blacksmiths.

Religion or Belief

The Light Faeries believe in Three Divine Beings, Meiya a goddess of the light who brings forth good harvest and catch. She is usually depicted as a Reindeer with fourteen horns and an extremely long tail. Nitriston, God of darkness, who bring great misfortune and ill-being if bored and not appeased with a yearly offering of the crops the faeries grow, he is pictured as a blue wolf with eight eyes and 10 legs. Imiana-Il, Goddess of Gray. A being that takes neother side of Nitriston and Meiya, she is said to come to the ground and visit the villages. If she sees that the faeries have done their best to harmonize with nature, she will bless the faeries with rich minerals from the earth, however if they have not done their best. She shall allow the beasts to come and devour the people. Light faeries, have fourteen different festivals, clebrating the gods, the weather, the fruits, and the history.

Rulers and Lords

20 tya = Thousands of Faeries arrive at the Kimsentel Islands. Islands, known for their cold weather, harsh terrain, and underground springs.

19 tya = Many die due to the ability to endure the conditons of the island. Thousands die out and population shrinks to hundreds

17 tya = survivors adapt to the climate and offspring inherits best of faerie genetics. They grow taller, stronger, and hardier than the faeries and are of human size.

15 tya = Notice a similiarity in each others characteristic, and call themselves light faeries, in honor of the yellow stroke on their cheek.

13 tya = population expands and grows to thousands, and many emigrate to new terrain. -Aribasta Kamielle, a repsected faerie, creates the Federation Of Aile-Tyes. Mikasonta, A heavily populated city on Ribast, the southmost island of the Kimentel islands, is declared the Capital. Aribasta declares himself as the premier, becoming the head of the federation.

12 tya = Nigaema Estlo, a representative from Yarika Islands, a group of Islands located south of Kimsentel, requests to join the Federation. Aile-Tyes grows in territory and becomes a strong nation in the south. -Nigaema Estlo becomes the next premier.

10 tya = -Kyuwa Nerimi Imahorforodrodoeoseosiauexien-Nikwaro, becomes premier. Sends out emissaries to create diplomatic ties with other nations and kingdoms, for economic, political, and cultural growth.

Weapons and Structures

Light faeries, have created weapons and tools to suit their enviroment and magical stregth. Thus, all weapons and tools created by Light faeries, are meant only for light faeries. "Cherikan" is an example of a light faerie weapon. It's structure is that of a crossbow, but the arches is more wide. The wood, used for cherikans is a special wood only found in the south that reacts to the magical en energy flowing through it. the outcome, when fired, would be a blue ball that destroys anything on impact. Architecture of Light faeries are noticeable when the houses symbolize more like tents. Light faeries also have a unique sense of design, as all their crafts and jewelry are made of leaves and vines. A testament of them, once being the same with other faeries.

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