Sekarusantchi is a small nation in the southern deserts of the mainland. A nation founded by the pixies from Ferianto, and its purpose of finding raw material which is hard to find in the island. Sekarusantchi, is a desert with small oasis, but with cultivation of the pixies, It became one of the most habitable places in the mainland.


As the pixies of Ferianto became more and more advanced, a lack of raw materials such as iron, and steel were needed. Thus, a multitude of pixies went into the barren desert where they found was rich in minerals and resources. From what became a small colony that just exported the materials, the population grew and developed itself into a proper country. Through the cultivation process, the pixies transformed the land into green plains, wide rivers, and proper arrangements. The nation holds extremely close ties and still rely on the island nation to provide for their needs.

Religion or Belief

Same as the Ferianto pixies.

Rulers and Lords


They have no ruling body and rely on a representative from Ferianto.


Due to the years, the pixies still speak the smae language, but have new terms and definitions on some items.

Notable Members

Weapons and Structures

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