"Add a quick overview of your culture including the race and subrace both in translation and in the word you give it "aka your cultures translation of the cultures subrace). Also describe parts of it's history in a very quick summary.


"Expand on the history as much as you want, in most cases you may desire to create the majority of the history within after roleplaying which is more then fine."

Religion or Belief

Zombies have an extreme phobia of fire, so their religion is based on this. Zombies do not have benevolent gods, the main god is a fireball that tortures re-dead zombies for all enternity

Rulers and Lords

Ecila- the first ruler, was brought to life by Baku-l'qet the infamous necromancer known for his unorthodox romances.


-Emperor (Enchantress's one true love)1
-High zombies
-Low zombies


Urghi- (will work on later)

Notable Members

Ecila- First Enchantress (has had many lovers, no children)

Weapons and Structures

"This part is optional. However if you do wish to do this part, you may or may not want to research weapons and structures of ancient or fictional cultures. And again this can be short or long according to your own wishes.

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