The birth of the magic is a very unusual tale. It started over five thousand years before the second age after twelve practicing wizards met unintentionally and began sharing there arts of the Source. Many of them were from different races and only a few shared a common race. Each one holding there own skill in different forms of Magic and great knowledge of the past and history of Kalidor.

One of the most famous founders and deemed the GrandKeeper of the Magi was a elder elf by the name of Zelinal Othan of the Nezaromi Nation, the domain of the High Elves. He was three-hundred fifty at the time of the Magi's founding and focused his time and skills on telekinesis and divine traveling. Two skills which were very uncommon at this age and feared by many. This as a result is what brought Zelinel on his travels to the west where he encountered the other members.


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Religion or Belief

Rulers and Lords

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Weapons and Structures

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