The Magi are skilled and wise practitioners of the Magical arts of the Source. All members begin as a student of the arts and are given anywhere from one to three masters to train under. Once they learn and grow in the arts they are asked to take some of the numerous trials before passing on to become a master of other Magi.

Primarily founded by 12 Keepers of the Magi, most famous of which is Zelinal Orthan High Elven Caretaker of the Kethlorian realm. He was considered the HeadKeeper and together with other seekers of magic organized the text from the ancient days to create one solid teaching of magic, designed primarily for protection and aiding the weaker cultures who haven't the power to defend themselves against Horrified threats such as the Demons or Spirits.


"Expand on the history as much as you want, in most cases you may desire to create the majority of the history within after roleplaying which is more then fine."

Religion or Belief

Rulers and Lords

"This can be a expansive paragraph forms of your rulers and their families or important affairs they have or do attend too. Or you can simply make timelines of just names. Which you can add the times they lived and the times they died if you wish to. You may also put a simple such as + or * to signify an murdered character or one who has died prematurely."

Weapons and Structures

"This part is optional. However if you do wish to do this part, you may or may not want to research weapons and structures of ancient or fictional cultures. And again this can be short or long according to your own wishes.

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