Evenil 'Lady of life' known as the elder mother of the elven tribes and the eldest to live throughout the years. Walking the world to this very day. The forest is her existence, she transcends space and time just by mere thought alone. She is a great protector of life yet in a completely passive manner. Using the powers of life to block the negatives of the world from her forest bed. Where animals roam free throughout the lands. Legends are known that only those of pure heart may enter, which led to very few stories of the inner beauty of the forest.

One old sage once came back from the forest an spoke of a light which would blind those of deception at give those of a pure heart knowledge of all ages within a fragment of time. He later became a hermit who was never seen again, some call him El'zharo "Wine-talker" for his hyper speech.

The priestess of birthseed, Evenil, was a great teacher to the elven people for many years some would even consider her the foundation of the pure heart of Ungar, in more ways then just her teaching. Her very presence unleashed a mellow aura far beyond her physical body. Many creatures are known to live far beyond that, proclaimed to feel the very motion of the world around them to a great distance. Infact one curious wizard is known to have been attached to the world and the "heavens" at once.

She was the spouse of Ashar and bore him four children, Abel'dan, Cul'ban, Ashar, and Anjanus. After Ashar's death in 2156 of the second age, looking no older then 25 which is quite rare in an elder shamaness, who lived no longer then 5,000 years, while her, herself was well over 8,750. The next spouse was a elven loremaster, known as Zelvaric El'chan, one of the last descendants of the El'gran bloodline. She bore five children with him. However after her elder lifespan outlived her children she soon went into solitute and entered the forest which she has cared for since.

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