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The Caretaker Documents

This is the book continued by the numerous Caretaker's of Valanor. The term caretaker is a very common one amongst the wise and although used for a Lord by the Untari it is more commonly known as an Ancient Spirits walking on earth. This book is the overall collection of nearly 600 million years of knowledge and wisdom which extends far into that of the Worlds Beginning and the Potential ends which may or may not exist, according to what actions are taken in the next ages.

It consists of Six sections, including this one. Each section is another aspect of the over all World and includes many useful information both on the world, website and chatroom.


This is for people new to this world as well as the chatroom. It shows you the very basics of the world and what you can do as a member of the site and chatroom. It also goes into the guidelines (non-restrictive) of the different pages you are able to make as a member of the site.

Notes of Resurrection

In this section the concepts of ressurction/ reincarnation (depending on your own understanding) in Valanor and that path of all living creatures in the world. The one that is more or less behind the scenes in the overall aspects of the world. Only the very wise beings and eldest races know of these principles of the world.

Of Dimensions and Time

This is the section where time and dimensions are mentioned, going briefly into the principles of dimensions and time as well as showcasing the major realities that are alternate to the one of Valanor.

Eldest Timeline and Dragon Lore

The dragons have been keeping track of time before they came to exist and after they became the Ancients of Infinity they began to understand Valanor before their time. The Eldest timeline is the estimated years of the world before the Golden Age.Dragon Lore is the more ellaborate conception of the timeline and goes more indepth into the things before the Golden Age.

They both go into the creation of species the separation into races and the inventions and main events of the elder days.

Elder Encyclopedia

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