Guidelines to Character Creation

You can either make a character without really examining the races and subraces of the world or you could be more accurate about your character and figure in what race and subrace you'd like to use and create your history based on those documents. You are free to make as many characters as you want all of which could either be done in a character sheet or just in your mind. Often creators of cultures will have openings for people to play, feel free to examine and choose those as you will, however, make sure to talk to the nation creator before doing so.

Guidelines for Culture Creation

Most races were in existence during the 8,000 years of the first age, of which you may or may not want to accurately fit them into the last age. However you are not required to figure out the exact date of your culture unless you want their creation in the first age timeline. Also for the early events of your culture you are not required to add it to the timeline, and if your not sure about the dates but wish to add it to the timeline figure it to the best of your ability where it fits.

When adding to the timeline just simply fit the year your looking for or add it in it's proper place and once again you don't have to be pinpoint accurate but a good idea of the stream of events would be rather nice so others can know what happened in a simple form.

Creating Maps for Your Nation and Areas

The map will be created from all of us, small pieces at a time, based around our area that we create, you can just make a small sketch of your village or kingdom or you could create a whole area surrounding your kingdom and when others fill in the places you or an admin could add their cultures to such maps. Be sure when your making a map to keep the other copy and make sure your willing to put other names into it, if not you may wish to ask an admin to create the map for you.

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