Halls Of Infinity

The Halls of Infinity is a realm that existed before time itself. It is the very essence of all living things and many faiths describe it as a breeding ground for souls. However the Ancient Dragons, Angels and many wiser Elves and Men known this to be false.

As time began conscious intelligence was yet to take form, because of this, the modern views of a all knowing, always existing God is slightly falsified. Once the world formed as a result of Infinity naturally separating it's power's outwards, through a form of subconscious desire, which has always remained in the universe. This was the very foundation of planets and sun's and time itself.

This was also the foundation of the soul's which use creature's bodies as vessels. The soul's at the beginning were very subconsciously driven just as the Infinity itself, and lacked a certain understanding of the world around them and the world's hidden from them. All souls were on a journey learning and growing, which is known as the Ancient Path. Each soul would need a certain amount of lives to become wise and understand.

As the Eon's passed on and a soul entered into Infinity after it's 50th journey back on this planet it entered into the Halls of Infinity and became the first omnipotent being known as The Primary Ancient. It was through his conscious influence on the planet where the creature's that soul inhabited started to take new form so their souls could learn faster and thus became the Dragon Species.

The Dragon's soon learnt and the souls began to enter into Infinity within 25 lifetimes. This was the foundation of the Ancients and there in lies the foundation of all species yet to come and the terminology of Angels, God's or Spirits.

The Ancients have kept returning in new bodies ever since trying to bring a long lasting peace as there knowledge of peace grows eternally from every knew conscious spirits experiences and understandings of there times. Often what is known as Caretakers, TimeKeepers, Prophets, Messiahs or Gods have been these creatures. However Darker Eternities have taken form in being on numerous occasion and are born out of the Halls of Eternal Hate.

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