Idok's tale

A swift breeze swept up the bottoms of a white robe as it's owner roamed through the busy city streets of Coruscant. Quickly he pushed through the crowd on route to the Jedi temple in search of an old friend. The being dressed all in white was none other then the silent hero, Idok Rebits. No more then three years ago is when his fateful story began. On his first visit to the Temple of the Jedi Knights this young, naive, force sensitive he met a young padawan, Leia Skywalker, and engaged in his first force based spar. Unaware of the depth of the living energies around him he was given a Master who taught him briefly but then was never seen from again, once he received a letter from his home planet. Once his training stop Idok left to travel the universe and began to study the force under numerous beings in the inner and outer rims.

Out there he met the most unusual Gray Jedi who taught him hidden secrets of the force ones which the Jedi would not teach. Amongst these were advanced levitation and temporary flight. After a great deal of training and a fair amount of time passing Idok returns to the Center of the Republic to continue his training under the Jedi. Upon returning he becomes aware of Leia becoming a Jedi Knight and after a quick encounter she decides to take Idok as her apprentice once his suggested the idea.

The training was very extensive and a brewing romance began to form between the two which was rather common in this particular time of the Jedi Knight, were once it was completely forbidden. Through maybe great trials and tribulations Idok finally rose to the heights of Jedi Knight. Within months his former master had given birth to his only child, Zev. Shortly after she gave birth to a child by a man who would later become her husband. Unknown to Idok he considered Shii to be his daughter but later found out this to be wrong, and of course still kept a great love for Shii.

During this time the Jedi Grandmaster of the time, Robert Skywalker had transformed his mind into the return of Vader, dressing himself in a neo-vader suit and became to search for galactic domination and the return of the empire. A great many Jedi attempt to stop him including the current Jedi Council. They all meet failure at the ruthless hands of this Super-charged Sithlord. His empire continued to grow and his power in the galaxy got stronger and stronger.

After the two were born Idok was sent on a mission with a Jedi Master by the name of Remeji. During this mission Idok was confronted with his doppelganger. A being who was the living energies of his darker side. You see, when Idok was a child he extracted the evil energy in his body which then made it's way to a human fetus and grew into a child, whom was 6 years Idok's senior. The two engaged in a exhausting duel leading to Idok reabsorbing this dark version of himself, known as Daroc back into his body. This union of these two beings resulting in a shockwave between realms opening a gate which unleashed and ancient evil into the galaxy who was known as Zarchief, who was the pure embodiment of chaos and suffering. These dark being inhabited Idok's body and began to call himself Adoc.

It took little time for Adoc to open the gate once again to bring his four brothers back into the world. Thus begun the Reign of Five once again in the galaxy. They found all the force users of dark minds and began to forge an army, then began to plot a war against the republic and the growing empire, having numerous encounters with the Reborn Vader. All the while Idok struggled desperately to gain mental control of his body but failed every time. Prior to the beginning of the war Leia had allowed herself to be captured by Adoc attempting to help Idok gain control. However mere months earlier, Leia, under the direction of Idok's close friend, Dak, put Zev and Shii in a time-ship, a vessel which hovered above coruscant and rotates at a speed that would allow a year to pass in one days time of our existence. Shii spent 14 days and Zev spent 16, thus when they left the ship Shii was at the age of 14 and Zev was 16.

Leia's attempts failed and lead Adoc to putting the now Jedi Master under extreme training. He viciously attacked her until she became faster and stronger. For days they training with little rest at which point the Jedi arrived on the Sith homeworld of Korriban and the War began. The training helped Leia greatly as she began to attack Adoc with hopes to destroy him, yet a part of her held back because it was the body of Idok after all, whom she had no interest in harming. The war raged on for two days and Leia seemed to be winning the fight with Adoc until he suddenly showed that he was stronger then he appeared and nearly destroyed Leia. Idok watched this within his own mind and suddenly lost all anger and all fear and was quickly teleported out of his mind into the afterworld were he was welcomed by many ancient Jedi masters. He underwent trainings of ancient truths not known to most Jedi and became aware of his true heritage, being an ancient soul who has inhabited many bodies throughout the ages protecting the world when it is needed and nurturing the growth of it. Infact he was one of the forerunners of the Jedi Order.

Idok returns to his mind only to see that he was gone for mere seconds when it felt like years. He was returned at the same moment when Adoc was about to deliver the final blow to Leia. Idok with his newly found powers and wisdom from his ascended training he defeats Zarcheif and Daroc within himself and Becomes master of himself once again, Banishing the only remaining brother, Zarcheif back to his prison. The family celebrate in victory and return home.

Idok became known as the Light Jedi or Caretaker and soon expands his inner force into the universe, his vessel transforming into all the atoms in the galaxy. Through this process he gained an ability to be many places at once and began to watch the world very carefully. His family went on without him and soon nearly forgot all about him. Leia became a member of the Jedi Council and Shii and Zev went through proper training. Dak continued to teach students and once Vader was returned to his original state the galaxy found peace once again.

However within a years time another being who wielded the powers of the darkside, and was a student of Adoc's, rose to the throne to claimed the status of Supreme Syth OverLord and began to continue his Master's goals and also secretly hoped to one day unbound his master from his eternal cage.

A second Galactic War takes place this time expanding deep into the inner rim and pushing straight into Coruscant. Through the efforts of the Jedi Council, Zev, Shii and later on in the fight, Idok, this new OverLord, Ly'chan was stopped in his tracks and the war was ceased but not after a great deal of loss on both sides.

Since then Idok has remained in the shadows shaping the world in a very small but positive way, trying to nourish the seeds of peace throughout a broken and battered galaxy. and thus ends the Tale of Idok, The Lightbringer.

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