Kiriana Aurora-Killian

Name: Kiriana Aurora-Killian

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Race: Wolf

Physical Description: Kiriana stands at a height of five feet and six inches. She has golden brown fur with white at the end of her tail; gold, green and brown eyes; pointed ears that stands out from deep red hair; wears glasses.

Mental Attributes: She is very intelligent and she can compute complex equations in a matter of seconds; she is also an avid reader and enjoys writing stories for the young wolves around her hometown.

Spells and Abilities: She has the ability to run fast and is a sound strategist whenever someone calls upon her to help.

Weapons: She carries a crossbow and a set of neverending arrows with her. She is an amazing archer and can hit her target from an extensive distance.

Attire: She wears a long emerald green skirt with a white sleeveless shirt trimmed in emerald green and wears a scarf around her neck to hide the tattoo of her pack that she was born into. She was to be the next beta, along with her husband, Cyrus Killian.

History: Kiriana was born into a pack by her mother, Malia Lupin-Aurora. Her father, Alpha Lucas Aurora, had named her the new beta since she had the mark upon her neck. She grew up in a loving family and was not spoiled for being the Alpha's daughter. She had told her friends that just because her father was the Alpha of the Pack, she did not want to be treated any differently. As time went on, the male wolves that had come of age started to scent their mates out. Kiriana had the pleasure of being scented by the wolf she was already in love with, Cyrus Killian. Suprisingly, Kiriana and Cyrus had known they were to end up together and take over the pack. When her father was on his deathbed, Cyrus stayed with her as her father instructed the both of them that they were now the leaders of the pack. When Lucas Aurora gave up his spirit to the Luperian Gods, Kiriana said a prayer up to them and she stood up from the floor. Cyrus and her held each other as they walked out of the cave. She gave her speech about that she and her fiance were now the leaders of the Pack. The entire Pack howled their agreements and she smiled at them. Currently, she was appointed to the Luperian Council at Caerwyrd. Her husband was back at home with their seven-year-old pups, Tristan and Dante. She hoped that she would be able to return to them as soon as she could when the meeting was over with the other Council members and the Luperian Chieftain. She knew that her husband was missing her since she was once again pregnant, but this time she was expecting twin daughters and they already had the names for them. They were to be named Rose and Marliana. She was looking forward to her daughters arriving in five months.

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