Notes Of Ressurection

As dictated by the elder force of existence all souls travel back and forth through the world until they become wise enough to enter the plane of infinity where the temple of the ancients dwell. This is not a temple of substance as we understand it, instead it is a mere image of the depth of what it is. Unlike normal temples this temple exists in all dimensions and all times throughout the endless universe.

This place is full of beauty and enchantment it takes a very powerful mind to enter this place or the powers of joy can overwhelm someones mind if they are not prepared, this amongst many other reasons is why souls must journey many times to this world and inhabit many vessels before being ready to enter this realm.

In many cases first rulers and leaders of cultures and nations are vessels to the final life of a soul, especially in religions. Many notable prophets, messiahs and what some may call Gods have been the titles of many of the respective beings, of a higher spiritual intelligence and power.

Often dark souls emerge and at one time the darkest of all being Balor, entered the realms of infinity and "fought" the well prepared Ancients who forged a realm especially for him, which they deemed the Halls of Eternal Hate or Pain. There he was to exist for ever chained to the emotions of which consumed him in life. He learned to break free from this and enter in another vessel.

Only the very wise and mindful creatures of the whole ever discover this truth and the rest are bound to other knowledge, knowledge by their own hands and not by the energies of the world, of which the Caretakers and Timekeepers are given. This is merely because of the soul's capacity to understand only what it is ready to understand.

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