Of Dimensions And Time

During the birth of time and existence an unlimited amount of realms were instanteously formed. These realms can be categorized by two main sections, Dimensions and Time. The Dimensions holds all alternate realities including ones with merely one or two differences in the overall reality. The Realms of Time are the different times in all dimensions.

Through each realm their are gateways to others. When going through this gate you enter into a vast temple which leads you to doorways of the other dimensions. It is also the temple of Infinity, where the Ancients, wise, Spirits dwell. When going through a gateway the Temple of Infinity is formed into a earthly concept and becomes an actual temple which appears to be on a solid cloud above an world, yet this is merely an illusion created by the Ancients to make it easier for Travelling creatures to understand.

It is known that Aldaris, whom was often a dragon in Valanor, during his years of life, keeps watch over the temple. He now appears as an elder elven shaman and claims himself the Lord of Time and Space. Those who enter this temple known little of it's full truth and what it truly is, they only know what is told to them by the Guardians of the Temple.

After Ashar choose to enter into the realm of infinity, he became the keeper of time and space and allowed Aldaris to reenter the world as Guardian of Peace, Ferath Radifor in the latter first age.

Once Ferath left this world he came back with knowledge of Multiple consciousness a thing all Spirits, especially the ancients, had in them since the beginning it was just merely hidden by their own perception. Once this shock the understanding of the ancients they began to inhabit the world much more often and in many bodies at once, often in the same dimensions. Most notably in this dimension was the Twin Keepers, Ugarn and Zelona. Male and Female each one the very essence of the First and most eldest of Spirits, of whose true name (his first name) was never uttered amongst the living or the Ancient Spirits.

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